How to get emoticons in ios 6

Submitted by on Dec 27, 2012

how to get emoticons in ios 6

I like emoticons. And iOS6 has added a number of brand new ones for the emoting-pleasure.

Emoticons aren’t a brand new feature of iOS6, however in iOS6 a lot more happen to be added.

So for individuals those who are taking pleasure in their first apple iphone, or who’ve just upgraded from an early on model, this publish will either warn you that you now have the host of recently added emoticons, or demonstrate ways to get for them to begin with.

I formerly authored about being able to access your emoticons. But with regard to the continuity of the publish, I’ll refresh individuals directions today.

Visit Configurations > General > Keyboard > Worldwide Keyboards > Give a New Keyboard > Emoji

And today, when you are to your keyboard to type an email, an e-mail, or perhaps a text, you will notice a globe within the lower left corner.

how to get emoticons in iphone

Tap the world and also the emoticons can look that you should search through. Tap any emoticon and it’ll come in your message.

You’ll notice 5 symbols to select from over the bottom, and all these will require you much deeper into pages of symbols, faces, fruit, people, creatures and much more.

how to get emoticons in iphone messages

Here are a few sample clips from the emoticon options. It appears as though there’s Much more of everything. More faces, more creatures, more fruit, more flowers and much more symbols. Old is included using the new. Felines are new, “See No Evil * Hear No Evil * Speak No Evil” Apes are new, phases from the moon are new, together with a number of other items of every part.

how to get emoticons in iphone text messages

If you have selected your emoticon, just tap the world once more, and you’ll be came back towards the standard keyboard.

Note: Apple informs us that “When delivering emoji to non-iOS products (other cell phones, computer systems, or programs), the emoji might not appear not surprisingly.” I played around with by delivering some emoticons within an email to some friend who browse the email on the non-iOS computer and she or he didn’t use whatever emoticons. So remember that “may not appear as expected” does mean “may not appear at all”.


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